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Comprenez votre corps et vous comprendrez votre santé.

Cancer, maladie cardiaque, obésité, syndrome métabolique, diabète de type 2, MPOC, emphysème. Toutes ces maladies ont quelque chose en commun. Ce sont les plus grands tueurs de la société occidentale et ce sont des maladies liées au mode de vie. Ils sont le résultat de quelque chose que nous FAISONS. Ils sont le résultat de nos habitudes, de nos comportements nos décisions. De même, les maux de dos, les douleurs au cou, la sciatique, les maux de tête et l’arthrite sont extrêmement courants. Cependant, ils ne doivent pas l’être. Ils sont trop souvent le résultat de notre mode de vie et de nos habitudes. C’est souvent quelque chose que nous FAISONS.

Pour comprendre comment nous pouvons éviter ces problèmes de style de vie, nous devons comprendre ce qui les cause. Nous devons d’abord comprendre comment notre corps fonctionne.

Understand your body and you will understand your health.

Cancer, heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes type 2, COPD, Emphysema. All these diseases have something in common. They are the biggest killers in western society and they are ‘lifestyle’ diseases. They are the result of something that we DO. They are the result of our habits, our behaviour our decisions. Similarly, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches and arthritis are extremely common. However, they don’t have to be. They are too often the result of our lifestyle and our habits. They are often something that we DO.

To understand how we can avoid these lifestyle problems, we have to understand what causes them. We first need to understand how our bodies work.


The big structure

Our brains like to think in categories. We like to see patterns. So it’s not surprising that we generally devide the body into the large different parts. The skin covers us, the muscles move us, the bones give us structure, the organs have different functions and the brain controls all of it. That’s however not quite true. The bones, the skin, the muscles and even our fat storage are in fact also active organs. They can store or release hormones and affect all other functions in the body. The brain controls the body but the nutrition we eat can change the way we think or behave. Recent scientific studies show that even gut bacteria can influence our behaviour and decision making. All these different areas of the body affect each other in a crucial way. It stays true that without the electrical signals from the nervous system, no tissue or cell can work properly. This is where chiropractic comes in. Chiropractic alleviates the blockages and dysfunctions in the communication between the brain and the tissues. To find out more about this, read the article below ‘The Nervous System‘.

The cellular level

Our bodies are made of trillions of tiny cells. Each cell originally grew from stem cells when we were embryos and then developed into more specific tissues. All tissues in the human body are build by those specific cells, doing exactly what they are programmed to do. The programming comes from within the cell in the form of DNA (the blueprint) and from the environment outside of the cell, the chemical and electrical signals. When these signals are not coming to the cell in the right balance, the cell will ‘misbehave’. This means something different for every type of tissue. Muscle cells can become weaker and die off. Fat cells can become too big and start producing hormones that they shouldn’t. Bone cells can start destroying and eating the bone tissue. Organ cells can start replicating or growing uncontrollably and turn into cancers. Therefore the right signals to the cells are extremely important to our health.

The molecular level

There is a huge variety of molecules that effects our cells. These can be hormones, vitamines, proteins, sugars, fats, metal ions (like copper, zink or potassium)… just to name a few. Also foreign particles from viruses and bacteria can affect our cells. These processes are so complex that science is continuously evolving. Some of what we have taken as fact, is being revised in recent years. Many secrets of our physiology are still to be uncovered. The majority of the molecules we put into our bodies are coming from our diet. If we want to live a healthy life and give our body the opportunity to build healthy cells, we need to give it the best building blocks. Equally, if we want to avoid damage to our cells, if we want to avoid cells turning into cancer or other diseased tissues, we need to avoid the molecules that damage our bodies. It’s what we DO, that makes us healthy or unhealthy. Our diet is entirely under our control. You can form healthy habits to live a long life. MAiNA Chiropractic can help you reach that goal!


The Nervous System: The basic structure


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